All clients are individual, every challenge is unique. From the outset, we see face-to-face engagement as an essential part of establishing and then building a strong partnership. We aim to help our clients diagnose their most critical issues and together agree a set of core questions that will tailor our engagement and the advice we provide.

Led by the directors and our Strategy Development Group we work closely with our clients to reach their goals. When required, we scale up our project team, drawing on our wider international network to deliver specific expertise and dig deep into the issue at hand.

We have an ability to operate in a range of jurisdictions across the world, with a particular focus on the UK and Europe, the United States, the Middle East and North Africa, Russia and South Asia.

We do not disclose the work we do for our clients, though the following examples demonstrate the range of projects we undertake:

  • Supporting a government client to carry out a review of their strategy and develop a forward-looking approach to guide their future plans.
  • Undertaking an investigation across multiple jurisdictions to uncover the identity of an international fraudster who falsely claimed to represent a global financial institution. Based on the investigation, we advised our clients on next steps designed to stop the fraudster's activity.
  • Working with a range of technology companies on reviews of their strategies, plans and business development activities, helping them improve their impact and effectiveness.
  • Helping a multinational media organisation to respond to a potential cyber security intrusion, coordinating communication with UK authorities, managing further incident response and assessing the possibility of APT involvement.
  • Establishing a regular geopolitical intelligence stream that has delivered more than 100 individual insights over the course of the last year to support our client’s strategic decision making.
  • Interpreting national security requirements as they relate to a potential takeover of a UK company subject to the National Security and Investment Act.
  • Delivering an in-depth due diligence report within 36 hours of tasking to help an international financial institution assess the viability of an Asian investment partner, following rumours of criminal impropriety. The report was based on discrete conversations with over 15 well-placed sources in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Creating ad-hoc expert advisory groups comprising senior individuals with broad, diverse backgrounds and experience to help clients tackle their most significant challenges.

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