At our core, we are problem solvers, strategic thinkers and policy planners. We help our clients to understand complex challenges by drawing on the full range of our expertise. This might include advising on the planning and conduct of strategic reviews, collecting actionable information in challenging environments, or providing tailored political analysis to support an investment decision.

From the outset, we are clear about our capabilities and what we can, cannot, or will not do. In doing so we have built our business around four core business areas:

  • Geopolitical analysis & advice which can be used to support policy or business decisions. We draw on our in-house expertise and research capabilities as well as wider network, to produce advice suited to our clients’ interests and requirements.
  • Intelligence reporting to provide regular insights on those issues that are challenging to understand or difficult to uncover. This broadens the picture on which our clients make strategic decisions.
  • Policy, strategy & planning advice to help clients review, and set, their strategy and future plans. We help our clients to recognise the key questions they should aim to answer, support them in carrying out a review, and where required, provide analytical support as reviews progress. This work is scalable and can be delivered on a modular basis.
  • Disputes & Investigations across a range of areas including legal proceedings, cyber security and due diligence. We draw on open and human source networks to gather supporting intelligence and, where available, evidence. Once information is collated, we apply our own analysis and judgement, and submit reports of our findings. In certain circumstances, these can be used as expert witness evidence in legal proceedings.

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